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Water is an element with the most stunning and calming effects. It has the power to attract many animals, bird and insects. Designing water features is an art that is only learned from practical experience. We, as experts, use our extensive knowledge and experience to design water falls, water walls, and water fountains in some of the more complex shapes, sizes, and functions.

Indoor Waterfalls, Water features and Fountains in Toronto

Each team member is highly qualified, experienced and has a passion for interior and exterior designing. Together, we are a team, committed to continuous improvement and to being the best in the industry.

We welcome you to browse through our website. We make frequent updates to keep you well informed about the latest news on water feature designs, event rentals, and aquariums. We’ve been busy updating our Photo Gallery and Video page- check them out! Be sure to also click on view details to learn more about our individual products and services

Water features and Fountain Servicing Toronto

Water has an awe-inspiring, calming effect that captures the attention of humans and animals alike. At Uniton, we channel this natural allure through our intricately designed water walls, waterfalls, and fountains. With a legacy rooted in hands-on experience, we master the art of crafting water features that resonate with serenity and innovation.

Indoor Waterfalls, Water Features, and Fountains in Toronto

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals who share a mutual passion for both interior and exterior design. Driven by a commitment to excellence, we work together to continuously innovate and set new benchmarks in the industry.

Why Choose Uniton for Water Walls?

  • Expertise: Years of practical experience in designing complex water features.
  • Quality: Craftsmanship that adheres to the highest standards.
  • Customization: Tailoring water walls to suit your unique aesthetic and functional needs.
Key Advantages

Indoor water installations are most distinguished addition to your office environment or for your house. Appeal to the classic styles or to modern ideas – wide range of options available for you to choose and satisfy your pure taste.


Whether it is a corporate event, wedding or school reunion - water installations are the elegant addition to the event to create the memorable atmosphere. Uniton is ready to offer extensive variety of options.


Uniton offers wall mounted and stand alone tank options. You may choose from standard list or we can create a custom design tank to meet your expectations. We can install fresh or salt water aquariums in your office or home – let us know what you have on your mind.

Indoor water installations are most notable additions to your office environment. Choose to appeal to the classic styles or trendy modern ideas -  Uniton offers extensive range projects and possibilities to satisfy the most exquisite inquiry. 



1. What is the water-bodies diversified catalog does Uniton propose?

Among others, Union is recognized for the design of construction of many features of water such as cataracts, cascades and gushing up hillside above towering thermos. The features confronted with precision, and sensitivity are linked with grace and peace so as to create an attractive ambience.

2. Throw us a question, what makes the Unization stand out in the market?

Unetech takes the victory as it has profound knowledge and practical experience in forming water installations. We are the experts of the top-most crew designs focused on the inside and outside design of every detail. All projects are own of the modern and unique design.

3. Do Uniton, as a company, provide a wide range of water features according to what the client likes?

Sure, Unqton offers this service of customization to blend in perfectly several feature aspects with aesthetic demands and operative functions. Whatever the project is about – its shape, size or function, the Uniton craftsmen are ensuring that each project is designed in conformity to the client’s requirements.

4. Is water a component providing an interior amenity of the interior home environment?

The water calms and attracts viewers in the interior space however it also evokes the environment making it very valuable. By producing natural environments and providing the sound and appeal of water indoors, our clients can have their own personal waterfall, water feature or fountain in their home or business premises.

5. Other than the designs of water features, ultion offers services as;

Asides from the design of water features, Uniton offers water feature and fountain maintenance services in Toronto. It is worth noting that patrons are capable of having their water landscapes maintained to ensure a long- term elegance and purposefulness.

6. What is the approach of Unition in sustainability of their water feature designs?

Uniton incorporates green practices into its designs using methods like water recycling, thermally efficient pumps and natural filtration systems, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint and promoting long-term sustainability.

7. Is Uniton capable of handling custom orders for specific water feature installations?

Indeed, Uniton customizes solutions, working in close partnership with the clients to realize their ideas. All the way from complex artistic designs to practical and stylish setups, Uniton flourishes in provision of customized water features that surpass expectations.

8. What is unique about Uniton in the aspect of workmanship and care in the details?

Uniton is renowned for its thorough workmanship and unflagging commitment to quality. All aspects of a water feature, starting from the choice of materials and up to the accuracy of installation are done with extreme attention to details and professionalism, leaving a perfect result that lasts for long.

9. What is the Uniton’s method of technology integration in water feature designs?

Uniton uses state-of-the-art technology to improve the performance and look of its water features. Uniton effortlessly blends modern technology, which ranges from automated lighting systems to remote-controlled water flow adjustments, into an aquatic environment that is both dynamic and interactive.

10. What after sales support does Uniton provide to their clients once water features have been installed?

Uniton offers inclusive post-installation support services that include maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. With an experienced team of professionals, clients can be sure that their water features will be healthy and beautiful for many years.