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About Uniton

About Us

Uniton Ltd., established in 2000, is privately owned water feature installation / rental service company. For over a decade Uniton is successfully servicing commercial and residential customers across Ontario, Canada. Uniton has proved itself as reliable, creative and unique company with solid quality standards and unconventional design solutions. Uniton is recognized for offering customers exclusive and practical environment solutions for office and home settings.

Uniton is specializing in both indoor & outdoor water installations from design process to complete installation and technical support. Our team of highly professional technicians and dedicated designers use only high quality materials to implement your project. Our team is focused on exceptions customer service, our motto is “Meet and exceed customers’ expectations!”

Uniton is proudly acknowledged through its customers and references for dedication to quality and turning space into welcoming working environment.

Indoor water installations are most notable additions to your office environment. Choose to appeal to the classic styles or trendy modern ideas -  Uniton offers extensive range projects and possibilities to satisfy the most exquisite inquiry.