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Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums Toronto

Uniton is rolling forward with 10 years of experience building unique custom aquariums.

We provide you with the design, construction and installation of custom aquariums for both residential and commercial applications. Our team also provides complete maintenance and servicing for all of your Aquarium needs.

Aquariums are a living piece of art and one of the most unique inclusions in one's home or office. They can be easily incorporated into any décor.

We offer two types of aquariums to choose – saltwater and freshwater. Most freshwater fish are highly adaptable, and are able to cope with changing environments. Most plants are also easy to harvest. This is important to note because there are wider choices for diversity and décor.

Building Unique Custom Acquariums in Toronto

Saltwater aquariums are more sensitive to the environment and change and may require more maintenance than fresh water. Although plants are difficult to harvest, there are several other choices, such as corals, eels and starfish to consider.

Indoor water installations are most notable additions to your office environment. Choose to appeal to the classic styles or trendy modern ideas -  Uniton offers extensive range projects and possibilities to satisfy the most exquisite inquiry.