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08 Nov
Ease Customers Minds and Body With an Indoor Waterfall

There are a number of reasons waterfalls are incorporated into professional or official décor of a place. Not only does it make the entire space look beautiful but it also has a rather calming effect. There are a number of types of waterfalls you can choose from to best suit the décor, it can be hi tech – playing music and such all the time – or it can be extremely minimalistic. You can also have a fountain that is shaped as such that you can put live fish inside and watch them swim around whenever you like. Waterfalls are classy, elegant and beautiful pieces of décor and it is very difficult to go wrong when trying to figure out what kind you may want to incorporate with your office or house. And if you cannot do this then you can always get a professional opinion without much difficulty.

Many malls, offices and places of official work in general incorporate a waterfall into their décor. Usually this waterfall is located in the lobby where people sit and wait. This is specifically because flowing water tends to have a very calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. There is a reason we find rivers and riversides such relaxing and thought provoking places to be. It is because we can think in peace and just let go and allow the sound of the river or waterfall wash over everything. Some companies even have what is known as a waterfall room where you can change into a robe and just sit quietly and listen and watch a beautiful waterfall flow in front of you. You may think that you are not the type of person who can sit quietly in the first place but you will be fairly surprised by the effects of flowing water or a stream. This is why malls put waterfalls in their lobbies. And they use massive, almost giant looking waterfalls simply because they can. Also since these waterfalls help you relax it is not the worst idea to reduce the stress and anxiety of a customer who is probably intending to purchase something from you. Relaxing a customers’ mind before an appointment is quite important. You always want your clients or customers to be calm and contained before an appointment so that they can think properly and not get unnerved. If there is no such waterfall room or a fountain in the lobby you can always use a small table mounted or wall hanging waterfall in your room or office to help calm the clients and customers. Businesses can even get their names engraved onto the waterfall, thus serving the two fold purpose of relaxation and advertisement.

There are other benefits of indoor waterfalls as well. One of them is their ability to reduce negative ions. There are an umpteen number of negative ions released from the number of gadgets we carry around and use all the time, like our phones , ipads and laptops among other things. This in turn helps reduce the air pollution which is a win win situation for everybody around. You could always get this job done with a cheaper air purifier but it just is not the same. The waterfall adds so much beauty and the sound of a waterfall is so much more calming than the dull and monotonous hum of an air purifier. These indoor fountains also act as a humidifier in the office so that it never really gets too dry and you have the added benefit of looking and admiring something pretty and a nice sound of a stream to go along with it. Since they moisten the air, the plants and such have a better chance of survival because it gives them their moisture back and they do not dry up in a hurry. You can put plants and fishes in the waterfall itself. Also if your office or business has many sections and a lot of people and such passing in and out daily or if it is on an extremely busy road then you will notice a distinct difference in how the simple background noise of a waterfall changes around the entire feeling of the office. If you are not sure of what kind of waterfall works best with the look of your office or anything as such then you can always consult a professional decorator to do the job for you at any point. 

by uniton
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