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16 Dec
How Bubble Walls Work

There are many ways of making your house look good, but very few that make your house look amazing. Most people want minimalism, at least, that is the way to go these days. Less is most definitely more in every respect of the term. Considering that there is nothing you can’t do in today’s age and time, all you have to do is be creative and you can probably come up with something really innovative and someone who can pull that idea off for you. All it takes is some time, effort and imagination. One of these very modern and ultra cool ideas is that of the indoor bubble wall or water wall. Whichever suits ones preference. It is absolutely amazing and adds so much to the entire look and feel of the house. It is the least messy and one of the most decorative pieces of “art” that one could own.

You should know, firstly, some of the basics of setting up, maintaining and how to work a bubble wall. Once the setup is done there is not much to do there after besides maintain it. The setting up can be a bit tricky but of course you can always hire professionals to get it done. This will probably be necessary since most of us do not know how to use or setup a bubble wall. If you are looking to save some money then you may always find a way to do it yourself.

You should, however, be absolutely certain you know exactly what you are doing and make sure you have a professional on hand just in case there is an emergency. The bubble wall resembles a much larger, life size version of lava lamp. The walls are either made of acrylic or glass and people generally choose the acrylic version since it is a lot tougher and more flexible so it does not break as easily as glass does. The water is contained within these glass walls and the bubble pass through them. They are transparent of course with lights that have different effects depending on what you want. The walls are usually made to be mounted against a flat surface, it is securely placed and attached to the ceiling and floor, or the floor at least to make sure that there is no possible accident that can possibly occur.

According to professionals, “The wall should be held against the opening in the flat surface by fabricating brackets that can be screwed to the flat surface and can locate on the rear of the wall. The wall is designed to be mounted with the clear acrylic bubble wall side facing out through the opening. Install the air pump to each wall by placing it in a convenient location and connecting sufficient air line cut from the spool provided between the outlet on the air pump, and the inlet on the check valve already connected to the wall. Ensure that there are no kinks in the air line. Connect the power lead to an available socket. Where available, the air flow can be adjusted by turning the control knob on the air pump.” These are just some of the rules of setting up a bubble wall. You can also consider them as precautionary measures. The next step in entire process is filling the bubble wall with water. You obviously cannot overfill it since that will cause a lot of mess and unintended problems and under filling it just will not have the same affects. Then there is the issue of connecting the LED’s. This is beyond the normal understanding of electronics so it is best advised to get a professional. However, some companies send very simple setups, all you may have to do is connect a few wires and make sure everything is in place.

Bubble walls are a chic and sophisticated way of incorporating some of our childish nature into home décor. It is definitely pleasing to the eyes and good to look at, but you must make sure that it is well maintained. You will obviously be told what to do and what not to do when you purchase one but if you ever forget you can always look online or call up the company for some assistance that you may require. These attachments may sometimes come at a steep price but they are always worth the investment if you want to make your home look amazing. 

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