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08 Nov
Large Waterfall in Lobby and its Pros

There are innumerable people who believe in the importance of the impact that the first impression can make. If that is the case, then why is it that more than often, the hotel lobbies are overlooked to such a great extent? When someone enters your work place, the first thing they see is the lobby. That is what makes their first impression. The lobbies of the work place is the first thing that the client or an employee comes into contact with upon entering the work place. Hence to make it notice worthy and create a fabulous first impression it is necessary to make this space inviting and warm. Improving the décor of the lobby implies uplifting the mood of not only the visitors or clients but also the employees of the company. There are quite a few reasons as to why it is important to maintain a perfect lobby:-

The most important aspect of having a perfect lobby is to have a center of attention. More than often when people enter a place their eyes keep on searching for something to come and rest on. It is human nature to be naturally very distracted all the time. Hence if we don’t find a point to concentrate on, we can’t fix our gaze upon anything, neither can we concentrate on anything else. If there is no center piece in the lobby , the moment people enter it they will feel lost. They will try their level best to find something to divert their attention to, but since there is nothing concrete they will keep on looking here and there. They will be distracted and inattentive throughout. This continuous scanning can also lead to anxiety and an increase in the stress levels. That is why we see there are water fountains or vases placed in the center of the lobby. It immediately catches the attention and appeases the visitors. They are bewitched and they also get a topic of conversation.

Depending on what kind of a company you have, more or less the people visiting are always tensed. Especially if it’s a law firm a medical clinic, people coming in are in a lot of stress. If there is a fountain placed in the lobby, the sound and display of the cascading water acts like a visual treat. It helps them calm down. Thus, by soothing them you have already provided them with a peace of mind. Not only have you given them a warm welcome by providing them with a focal point of attention, but also helped them to attain a stable mind before they begin talking to you.

Another important aspect of the lobby should be sound proof walls. Visitors don’t want to hear the sound of the patients in the clinic or that of the medical equipments. They wouldn’t want to hear the sound of the clients panicking or creating a scene. Someone coming inside a dentists clinic most definitely wouldn’t want to be greeted to the sound of a drill or that of a child crying out of pain. That will scare them away. They have to become stable before anything can be said or don’t. They do not want to be greeted with people talking on their phones, or the telephones ringing either. These various kinds of sounds increases the stress levels of most of the people and suddenly can make them aware of how many more things there are to be done besides sitting there and being annoyed at the existence of these noises. Waterfalls and the fountains are also used to prevent these pathetic sounds from reaching out to the person who has just entered your office.

Since the first impression is the last impression for most of the people, it lasts for an eternity. And some people are extremely rigid about their views hence they refuse to give a place another chance if it has disappointed them once. Thus the waterfalls and the décor of the lobby casts a longing impression upon the minds of the visitors. Another trick of the trade is to make a magnificent work of art the last thing that people lay their eyes upon before leaving. You may want to have a logo or the name of the painter added to it, which makes the art piece a powerful marketing strategy. The primary concern should be that people should leave on a positive note. The presence of the waterfalls helps you achieve this. This might affect their thought process and the hefty bill seems to be perfect for the service they have obtained.

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