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16 Sep
Maintenance of Outdoor Fountains and Waterfalls

There are certain procedures that are to be followed. And you should also be prepared for any supplies or equipments if needed. Fountains or waterfalls also increase the aesthetic quality of your house and increases the worth of your property. Fountains and waterfalls are natural looking and add a different look to your house giving it a natural charm and aura. But to keep the fountains and waterfalls in the best looking way you bought them, you are going to have to take care of them and maintain them properly. Maintaining the fountain or waterfall is not rocket science. It is easy but requires a little time from your already booked schedule. Follow the given below tips so that your fountains remain beautiful always.

1. Check for the wearing in any place:

The fountain structures are kept out in open and are in continuous contact with many elements of Mother Nature. All the air and dirt along with it can cause damage to the fountain or the waterfall’s structure. The wind and precipitation in the air is very harmful and can have an effect on the fountain’s operation or structure. So the first thing that you must do, if you want to maintain your fountain and waterfall, is to ensure that the item is working properly and the water is running properly. And check that there are no signs of any wear or tear in the piece.

2. Check the water pump:

The pump installed in the fountain and waterfall is the heart of the whole structure. It is the most important part about those show-pieces and is like the single most important piece. No other thing about the fountain is more important than this. If you find that the pump is not working with its full capacity or if it is not working at all, then immediately shut it off. Remove the pump and then send it for repair or call the repairing person to your place. You should check the pump after a month regularly. If there are nay debris or leaves stuck in the pump, remove them. Wipe the pump with a clean damp cloth. In certain areas of the pump where your fingers cannot reach, try cleaning the parts with a toothbrush. If the components, like the filter, of the pump are damaged then replace them.

3. Surface area of the fountain or waterfall:

You should scrub the surface area of the fountain or waterfall. The fountains and waterfalls that are placed in the outdoors have a lot of reasons to get dirty. If not cleaned properly, they can have algae blooms and mineral deposits on its surface. All such things can make the fountain or waterfall look dirty and unattractive. You should neutralize such conditions. Algae are the tiny organisms that will grow naturally on the wet surface which is exposed to direct sunlight. You can add a bleach mixture on the surface and scrub gently to make the algae go away. If birds have been using your fountain or waterfall for their fun, you will find some waste there too. Use a damp sponge to wipe out the bird droppings and keep changing the water. If there are mineral stains on the fountain or waterfall surface, use white vinegar to scrub them off and wash properly.

4. Change the water regularly:

The last but very important thing to keep in mind is that you should change the water in the fountain or waterfall regularly, like after every week. You can mix some additives in water which will prevent micro-organism growth and keep it bacteria free. Fresh water will also help the pump and the whole system to work properly and smoothly. So make sure to change the water in regular time periods. Also, do not let a condition create when there is little water in the fountain. This can happen usually during summers when most of the water will evaporate. You can add algaecide to the water to make it algae-free. For changing water from these large structures, you can use a pump or you may also include some plugs to drain downward the old water. If the waterfall or fountain is small, simply tip off the item and remove all the water and restore fresh water.

So, create a routine which including maintaining the fountain or waterfall in front of your house and taking care of the structure. You get a lot of benefits from fountains and waterfalls. To have all those benefits, you need to take proper care of the waterfall or the fountain and make it look the best possible. 

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