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29 Mar
Bubble Walls

There are some ritzy additions to apartments and homes alike that can dazzle guests and prospective buyers/renters. Water displays are infrequently featured across most major cities and fetch a fair increase to property value because of their uniqueness and their beauty. One particularly cool effect is the installation of “bubble walls”. Bubble walls are basically just water tanks that are specifically designed and installed flush into your domicile’s walls that will use a low power air pump to create tiny bubble beads that rise up through the water creating a cool bubble effect in vertical lines through the water. Often times bubble walls are paired with multi-colored or color changing LED lights to accentuate the effect. Lights can be programmed to cycle through colors that complement the colors of the room that the bubble walls adorn. Because bubble walls are so rare, they aren’t anything short of an investment. Companies that specialize in the immaculate installation of bubble walls can also set up bubble effects in places other than walls. One particular example is the “bubble bar” which has an entire glass podium filled with water and bubbling streams running upward as lights shift between colors. If you’re interested in getting bubble walls for your residence or business, contact a water feature specialist in your area or online!

by Basement
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