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28 Apr
3 Fantastic Reasons to Buy a Bubble Wall

5287538978_30434fb6fb There are so many modern additions that can be added to the home in order to make it look fantastic, but there are some that offer more than just aesthetics. If you are after a feature that will give your room life and vibrancy, whilst adding some very calming health benefits, then you have come to the right place. This article will look at the much understated bubble wall, which has the capability of providing you and your home with very useful benefits.


One of the most obvious benefits of investing in a bubble wall is for aesthetic purposes. They often come in varying sizes and with changeable settings that can provide large or small bubble formation. You can either choose from white light, or an interchangeable coloured light which can add some vibrancy to any room. Bubble walls will look fantastic in the living room or bedroom as not only do they provide a source of ambient lighting, they also provide a source of movement and clarity. The different coloured bubble walls are often a firm favourite and can provide any room with light and dynamism.


Bubble walls can provide a very tranquil atmosphere in your home or business, due to the movement of water. It has long been said that the sound of water has calming effects on the human body and can provide relaxation to many people. Bubble walls will often use a mechanism to push water out from the tube at the bottom, which creates a very delicate noise. It is this noise that can be appreciated if you were to invest in a bubble wall, as it is very calming and soothing. The added light effect can also have similar calming effects and can be used in conjunction with the bubbles to create a more invigorating experience.


Bubble walls are a fantastic way to separate a large room or space as they can act like a wall partition. As bubble walls are relatively tall, they can sit quite nicely in most average sized room and help to provide a floor-ceiling partition in your home. You can choose from a wide range of different bubble walls, from the clear glass wall to the frosted glass wall. If you are want to create a separation in the room that still allows light to enter through, the clear glass bubble wall is for you. You are still able to see through this type of bubble wall, but the movement of the bubbles will provide a little bit of privacy. The frosted bubble wall is perfect if you are after a definite separation in your room, as it provides total privacy whilst the movement of the bubbles can still be seen through the glass walls. Bubble walls are not only useful for separating different spaces, they also look amazing in any room. The mixture of light and bubbles helps to create tranquil atmosphere whilst emanating some ambient lighting.

by Basement
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