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28 Apr
4 Things that Can Improve the Beauty of Your Home Décor

I don’t have a home of my own, but when I do get one, I want it to be the most beautiful house ever. I believe that’s what every home owner secretly wishes. That is the reason why they hire interior designers. I don’t think an interior designer is needed to make your house look beautiful. You can design your home all by yourself. It doesn’t take much to make your house look elegant. Here are 4 things that can improve the beauty of your home décor.


1400615244_cc3345200d Ever thought about raising fishes? Well, I have a friend who does it. It makes him happy, even though his life isn’t going anywhere. Having a hobby that enriches your life is important. If you get an aquarium it’ll serve two purposes. Firstly, you’ll have something to do in your free time. And secondly, it will add to your home décor. I remember going to my aunt’s house as a child. She used to have an aquarium and I loved watching the fishes swim around all day. It’s a happy memory from my childhood. Your kids can have a similar memory if you get an aquarium for you house.

Green Wall

Some home owners prefer to keep potted plants inside their house. I guess they like the greenery. Who can complain? After all, the color green does soothe your mind. At least for me it does. Instead of growing plants or painting the walls, why not combine the two? Get a green wall instead. It’s a wall that has plants growing on it. Most modern homes have it these days, so if you want to update your home décor then you should really get one. It’ll make your house look green.

Indoor Waterfall

I have a waterfall as my screen saver, simply because it’s mesmerizing. Every time I have writer’s block it pops up automatically, so I don’t have to look at a blank page. Within minutes I know exactly what to write. I guess my creative juices start flowing when I see the waterfall. Having an indoor waterfall may help you in a similar manner. If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of a job, just take a minute to watch the waterfall. It’ll empty your mind completely, allowing room for new ideas to enter.

Art Collection

Have you ever heard of Victor or Sally Ganz? I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t. However, their names are quite popular in the art world. They had one of the most impressive and most expensive art collections in the world. During their lifetime they spent a total of $2 million collecting paintings by artists such as Pablo Picasso. After their death their collection was sold for a price of $206.5 million. So you see having an art collection can be profitable. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on furniture you should invest in art. It’ll make your house look beautiful and it could also double your investment. Interior designing isn’t exactly rocket science. If have these 4 things in your house, it’s bound to look beautiful.

by Basement
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