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28 May
4 Tips On Selecting A Pump For Your Indoor Water Fountain

galleryImages295 When you decide to install a water feature in your home, you have to think about all the factors that go into creating the overall effect. You can enhance your interior home design by choosing a beautiful indoor feature. If you install a water fountain, you have to consider the overall function. The feature will not only enhance the overall visual appearance it will improve the atmosphere. For the feature to function effectively, you will need a pump. The pump will help to ensure that you get the water moving in the fountain. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right pump.

1. Consider the options available

Being informed about the options available will help you to choose the right one. There are many types of pumps in the market that can be used to operate water fountains. Finding the right one for your situation will go a long way in enhancing your water feature. If you find yourself confused due to the numerous options available, it helps to talk to an expert. Most people find the task of choosing quite overwhelming but fortunately, there are always people who can help.

2. Consider the specifications

It is essential to buy the right type of pump and for this; you need to consider the specifications. There are pumps that are designed to work effectively with even the most elaborate water features. The type of feature that you select will determine the pump that you choose and you have to think about issues like the size and style or design of your feature. A small wall feature will have a pump that is different from a large freestanding feature. It helps to see the pump at work to determine the results to expect.

3. Think about the effect

You need to determine the effect that you want to get from your water feature. Think about the height that you want the water to reach. The pump you install will determine how high the water will go in your fountain. The max head is the specification that describes the measuring unit for the height in feet. A fountain pump that has a max head of 5 can push the water in the fountain up to 5 feet high. To get the right pump, choose a pump max head that is slightly higher than the height you require.

4. Think about the GPH

You have to consider the GPH or Gallons per Hour, when choosing the pump. This will help you to determine the flow rate of your water fountain. When choosing a pump for your indoor fountain, you do not need the same pump like you would need for an outdoor fountain. For an indoor fountain, a smaller pump with lower efficiency is sufficient. Think about the size of your water feature and the amount of water that the structure holds when choosing the pump. If you are in the market for a water fountain pump, make sure that you do your homework and be careful so that you can make the best investment. Ensure that you get professional installation for the best results.

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