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30 Jan
5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2013

If the data of the people seeking bathroom remodeling is anything to go by, then there is every reason to believe that the bathroom is the next luxury room in your home. Forget the den and the living room. More and more people are choosing the bathroom as their chosen place of relaxing after a day’s or week’s hard work. Home remodelers are reporting increased demand for bathroom remodeling, and according to their very credible sources, here are the top bathroom remodeling ideas that people are asking for:

  1. Large and airy bathrooms
    More and more people prefer large shower rooms. In the homes where the shower is small, the tub is plucked out to make more room for the shower. Apart from increasing the shower size, bathroom remodeling trends are also leaning towards making the shower room airy. Glass is becoming the preferred construction material for bathrooms. Some home remodelers are pulling down part of the bathroom walls to increase the size of the shower room. Ideally, home owners want to feel like they are going to the spa when they step into the shower room.

  2. Wood Furnishing and Mirror Frames
    Wood is oriental and classic and gives your bathroom a contemporary glamour that you will be proud of. A lot of people looking for bathroom renovation are going for hard dark wood and sprucing some of it in the sinks and bathroom mirror frames. Try this magical remodeling and watch your bathroom turn into a retro-modern one.

  3. Insulated Windows
    If your bathroom is to become the luxurious sanctuary you are looking forward to, consider asking your home remodeling contractor to add insulated windows while he is at it. Insulated windows prevent the bathroom from getting too hot or too cold. This not only saves you some energy bucks but has also been one of the most sought after bathroom remodeling trends in 2013.

  4. Bathroom Lighting
    More and more people are looking to give their bathrooms a spa-like aura, and nothing does this better than installing ambient lights. Ask your home remodeling contractor to recommend the kind of lighting that will bring out the grace in your bathroom and create the desired ambience.

  5. Tranquil Tubs and Jacuzzis
    Do you sometimes feel that, after spending a busy and tiring day at work, all you want is to sink in a comfy tub relaxing with your glass of wine? You are not alone. A lot of clients who are doing bathroom remodeling request a tub or Jacuzzi to be installed into their bathrooms. The tubs are also becoming stylish with the more fancy ones integrating color, music and light to create a spa-like atmosphere.

There are a lot more good ideas out there. Find out which one will work out for you by requesting a quote from a bathroom remodeling contractor.

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