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16 Sep
Decorate With a Custom Waterfall in Your Home Or Office

The running water sound promotes a healthy environment. It also helps in maintaining the low humidity levels. Low humidity promotes many dangerous diseases like cold, flu and many other infections. The presence of water fountain helps in increasing the humidity and makes the environment infection free. Two types of ions are present in the environment- positive and negative. Positive ions come from electronic appliance present inside the house. These positive ions consume all your energy and make you tired. The water fountain emits negative ions. And these negative ions are really good for your health. They promote the growth of serotonin in your body. The presence of serotonin make you stress free and more energetic.

So this summers, if you are planning to renovate your house then plan for an indoor water fountain too. There is a large variety of indoor water fountains which are available in the market. You can choose the particular variety of fountain according to your choice and requirement. You can also make use of accessories like pebbles, artificial grass and water proof lights to make you water fountain more attractive. Here is the list of different types of fountains which are available in the market.

1. Spouting

Spouting fountain is a very beautiful fountain. It has a pipe which is arranged in a manner that it throws the water up inside the air. If you have a water body in your house or garden then this water fall can be easily installed.  You need a submersible pump to install this type of water fountain. The water fountain can be sued with a beautiful statue. The arrangement should be such the statue sprays the water in the air. This will look quite elegant and beautiful. Additionally you can make the water sprayed in a particular pattern like a water cane sprayed in the form of a bubble or a ring.

2. Cascading

This is a very beautiful and natural waterfall. This look s like more or less like natural water fountains. In this fountain the water flows down through multiple levels. You can decide the number of levels according to your need. The height of the fountain will increase with the increasing levels. You can choose the number of levels according to the space present in your house. The cascades are made of many things like rocks or pots. The water flows through the series of rocks and give a pleasing and relaxing effect. The cascading fountains are quite easy to install. These fountains are self contained and thus you don’t need any plumber of mechanic to install these fountains

3. Pond less

This fountain is very different from spouting and cascading fountain. Both the spouting and cascading fountain drags the water from the corresponding pond which is attached with them. Pond less fountain has no pond attached to them and so they need less space. The pond less fountain has a hidden underground reservoir. Since no pond is present in this fountain hence you do not need to put any efforts in maintaining this fountain.  Non- traditional structures like column, boulder and urn are used to make the base of this fountain. The fountain is generally installed in the backyard. Moreover the base of the fountain is placed in the reservoir which can drain the water which flows through the fountain.

4. Wall

If you have a small backyard then you should go for wall water fountain. This type of fountain also don’t have high space requirement. You can hire a professional to install this in your house. These water falls are generally fitted on walls and water flow through them. There is a hidden reservoir in these fountains. The best part about these fountains is that they don’t require any kind of maintenance.

Water fountains needed to be monitored regularly. There are any things which you need to consider after installing a water fountain in your house. If you have water fountain with attached pond then keep checking the water level in the pond. Make sure that the pump is always submerged in the water level. In water places, the growth of algae is quite high. Regular cleaning is the best option to prohibit the growth of algae. While cleaning, copper based products should not be used. Copper based product damage the outer lining of the fountain. Bleach should also be avoided in cleaning the fountain. 

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