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15 Sep
How To Care For An Indoor Water Fountain


1. Make sure that the pump used in the fountain is always submerged in water

A pump is used in water fountains to circulate the water in water fountain. Apart from circulation, the pump also helps in filtering the water present in the water fountain. It prohibits the growth of algae in the water and keeps it clean. Pump is an essential entity in water fountain and you should take care of it. Make sure that the pump is completely submerged in the water. If the pump is not submerged then it will dry out and will get burned. Take a look at the water level regularly and add water according to the requirement. The addition of water is also dependent on the indoor climate. If the climate is too warm or hot then you may need to add more water.

2. Keep the pump powered on

Don t power off the pump of the indoor water fountain. The pump will clean and circulate the water of the fountain. And continues off and on switching may degrade the functioning of the pump. so to enhance proper functioning of the pump, always keep the pump switched on.

3. Distilled water should be used

This is a very important point to be noted. Distill water one among the easiest way to keep your fountain neat and clean. Distilled water prohibits the growth of algae in the water. Tap water should not be used in indoor fountains.  Tap water contains any minerals and metals. These minerals and metals solidify and get deposited on the walls of the fountain. It is very difficult to clean those walls and so you should avoid using tap water in fountains.

4. Regular cleaning

Fountains should be cleaned regularly in order to enhance proper functioning of the pump. If the fountain is not cleaned regularly then dirt get deposited in the walls of the fountain. And sometimes the dirt may also get entangled inside the pump.

It is not an easy task to clean the indoor water fountain. You need to follow some steps to clean the indoor water fountain.  There are eight basic steps to clean your fountain.

1. Turn off the pump and unplug it form the socket

While clean the first step is to turn off the plug and unplug it. This is the most important step and it eliminated the risk of any electric shocks.

2. Remove all the accessories

Many accessories are used in the water fountain to decorate it. Accessories like pebbles, artificial grass, and any other thing. Clean all the pebbles and other accessories before putting them back in the fountain.

3. Remove the fountain pump

Check for the connection of the fountain pump and then remove the fountain pump from the fountain. Make sure you remove the pump properly and all the connections are not damaged. If you are not sure about how to remove the pump then you should consult the manufacture for this.

4. Take out all the water

Now take out all the water with the help of a wiper or a motor. A motor can help you efficiently taking out all the water. You can also use a utensil to take out all the water from the fountain.

5. Start cleaning the fountain

This is the most crucial step in cleaning the fountain. You can make use of some soft material like sponge. Sponge will efficiently help in cleaning the walls and the base of the fountain. Avoid scratching and scuffing the water surface. You can clean the fountain with liquid detergent or you can use white vinegar spray to clean it off. After cleaning the fountain let it dry.

6. Place all the accessories and pump back

When the fountain is cleaned, place all the accessories and pump back to their position. And fill the fountain with distilled water. And then switch on the fountain by plugging in.

There are some things which you need to keep in mind, while cleaning the fountain. You should not use any copper based product in cleaning the fountain. Also avoid the use of bleach to clean the fountain. 

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