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15 Sep
How to Choose the Right Water Feature for your House or Office

The water features, when added to the ambience and surroundings of the place where we live and work, can change our mood to the most refreshed one. The water features are known to take your stress away and soothe your brain. The rhythmic sound of the water flowing out of a fountain or waterfall or any other water feature will turn your yard into a place where you can find peace and beauty. You can add value to your house by using a water feature in the outdoors. The water features are the first any person entering the area will notice. It adds instant appeal to your home or office. Everyone loves the presence of a water feature around them, especially children. Some people wanted their home to be near a lake, or a pond, or a waterfall or river. Don’t worry! If you don’t live in such an area, water features will fulfill your dreams.

Water features available in the market are not a few. There are a lot of types of water features and each of the type has its distinct character and different purpose. Some of the examples of water features are:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfall
  • Ponds
  • Artificial creeks
  • Water garden
  • Bird bath
  • Pool

And many more…

But how can one choose the right feature from all of these? To choose the right one for your place, you can follow these points:

1. Know what you want:

The most important thing is to known what you like. You should ask yourself about what comes to your mind when you see your landscape. Only you know what you like.

2. Check the space:

Then look around and see how much space you can offer to your water feature. If you want a water feature in the garden, you can choose any. But if you are thinking of a water feature in the interior of the house, you are going to choose wisely as there is not enough space inside the house usually. Before going to purchase the feature, you should take the measurements of the space you have assigned to the fountain or any water feature. Measurement of the exact height, depth and width can help you save money on unnecessarily large water feature which won’t even fit into the landscape.

3. Suiting the exterior of the place

Make sure the feature you choose for the place suits the exterior of the landscape. Like a bird bath won’t look outside a corporate building. So, make sure the feature you select suits the place and does not look out of the place object placed randomly. Fountains are one such water feature which will go with anything or anyplace. Also, make sure the water feature matches the theme of the décor outside the house.

4. Attractive designs:

There are a lot of designs available in fountains and waterfalls. The market is flooded with a lot of variety if design and sizes of fountains and waterfalls and also other water features. They are available in different shapes and colors. But you should choose the one that matches your exteriors and your contrasting colors to the walls of the house.


So now that you know all about the water features, you make the choice wisely. And know that there is a lot of variety in the types of fountains and waterfall as well. Fountains are of many kinds like wall fountain, table top fountain, garden fountain or solar fountain. Wall fountains look perfect on a wall inside or outside of the house structure. In place of any mirror, painting or photos, you can install the wall fountain to make it look better and attractive. Tabletop fountains are used inside the house in the drawing room, or family room, dens, or bathroom. Garden fountains, as the name says, are installed in the garden and give life to it. Whatever be the type, the fountains are always going to bring a sense of refreshment in you and make you joyous.

Also, while choosing the water feature, make sure that the water feature is environmental friendly and the body you install in your place is not causing any side-effects to the environment. You can ask for eco-friendly fountains or waterfalls in the market and you will get plenty. Lastly, ask for the warranty they are offering to you on the feature. Also ask them about the servicing and maintenance roles because the simple and elegant as these look, the more complicated are they.


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