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16 Sep
Indoor Fountains Fight Stress

But is it all a water fountain does?? A water fountain has a lot of advantages and the most important one of them is not adding beauty but killing stress.

Yes, water fountains have proved to reduce the stress level of people around it. A fountain gives you a nice comfortable ambience to fit in. This directly affects your brain and soothes your eyes as well. The outdoor fountains are great but so are indoor fountains. They, apart from being the best decoration in the house, help people to deal with their stress. This is the way an indoor fountain can remove your stress:

By keeping you calm:

Stress among individuals is a very common problem these days. Stress can be due to a lot of reasons like worrying about your loved ones, worrying about difficult assignments, or many other silly or major reasons. But indoor fountain can help you manage stress by keeping you calm. The mood created by a fountain is proved to bring calmness in the attitude of a person. The best way to handle stress is by lying down on the couch and closing your eyes while listening to the smooth sound of flowing water from the fountain. This works better than any medicines. This eases your mind as well your body and hence kills all the stress you have been taking.

By providing relaxation:

If you are relaxed, your mind will be relaxed. A fountain can do wonders in relaxing you. When you look at the running water, it will relax your mind. As the water runs down, your stress and tiredness runs down. When you are relaxed, you will have proper sleep cycles and have all the rest your body needs. The way it looks will relax your joints as well. Because the image of flowing water has an impact on your brain which makes the blood flow in the body very efficient and you can feel the stress flowing down from your head when you see the water in a fountain.

By its soothing voice:

The noises of everyday are the reason you experience stress. When you sit near an indoor fountain, you can only hear the sound of the water flowing. This gives you a feeling that there is nature around you and you feel like you are away from all the noise. Being away from noises is a cure to stress. The sound of running water from a fountain is magical and will take you in a different world altogether. The fountain drowns all the other noises and help you calm down. This is now-a-days used as a therapy to treat headaches and stress. Machines having recorded sound of rain, ocean waves, waterfall, etc. can help person sleep well and reduce the amount of stress.

By purifying the air:

This is how a fountain will purify the air. A fountain has flowing water which attracts negatively charged ions. These ions attract all the dirt particles of air inside the house. In this way, the fountain pulls out the dirt for you out of the air. This purifies the air by removing the dirt which would have otherwise entered your lungs. Breathing fresh air helps to relax your mind and release the stress.


Stress for a body is a very harmful thing. It can affect your physical health as well as mental health. Stress can cause depression as well and take away your sleep. Stress is the reason of high blood pressure and also high headaches, nervous breakdown or migraines. You are mostly around things which are the reason of your stress. Job, family, worries, finance, business, etc. can cause stress. Trying to balance between office life and home can cause stress. Some people experience stress on an everyday basis. A lot of factors are responsible for stress. But only a few things help you get rid of the stress. Now do you know the reason why people take vacations near a water body? Because a water body will give you peace. It will relax your eyes, your ears, your nose (by the aroma of wet sand) and hence your brain. You go to a beach, a riverside or to a lake whenever you are about to take vacations. There, you get the same experience which you can get every day at your home, without having to go anywhere. That is by having an indoor fountain at your home or workplace making it stress-free and relaxing. 

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