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08 Nov
Water Fountain Problem Prevention

Your waterfall should be regularly maintained and looked after so that no major problems that are difficult to fix crop up every now and again. You are spending a lot of money to install this very beautiful waterfall in the first place and you do not want to have to spend double the amount of money in repairing it or getting it fixed every few weeks just because you do not have time or are unwilling to make time to see that these problems are avoided. There are various types of water fountains available. You have the outdoor fountains which in reality only change in size and design and you also have the indoor water fountains that have different sizes, designs and types of fountains and each of them has a different way of having to maintain it but they are all also relatively same since they have the same way in which they work and similar parts as well. It is just the exterior that is different for all of them.

Most of these problem prevention methods are all before installing or during the installation of the water fountain. First you have to be safe and cautious especially when digging around your house because there are underground utility pipes that could be easily damaged. Beyond that there are other points you need to keep in mind while digging. First is the down spout drainage pipe that carries water from your roof, next is your underground sprinkler and lastly but most importantly the underground electrical wires and such. It is absolutely essential to ensure that none of these are damaged because finding and attempting to fix the damage is very difficult and requires a lot of time, money and effort to do so, and that is even before you install your waterfall. This is very dangerous as it not only means you will have to replace or fixed the damaged stuff but it could also cause some major physical harm to you or at the very least the entire neighbourhood or your neighbour’s house could experience an electrical breakdown. Next you have to ensure site preparation. While the water fountain can be placed absolutely anywhere in your yard or in at least most places in your yard, site preparation is of absolute necessity. You first have to ensure that the fountain is levelled. While it may seem levelled that may not be the case. And if the fountain is not levelled then there will be a number of issues concerning water loss. First clear the ground before you set your fountain on it and when it seems levelled to you take a level and place it on different areas of the ground to ensure that it is indeed levelled.

You can also bring in a little sand to level it out. Once this is done you can place your water fountain on it. Make sure once you place it to make sure that the fountain too is level and plumb and if any adjustments need to be made they can be made immediately while everything is still fresh. Next is ensuring the electrical installations. First you have to be aware of your building codes then you can check and follow them all. You should only use electrical components that are designed to be in and around water or you will be putting a lot of people including yourself in some serious danger. Make sure when you use a water or weatherproof junction box you place it above the ground level. Also use receptacles that have a ground fault circuit interrupter and bury your electrical wiring underground. This will ensure that it looks good and it is safer from weather and the effects of weathering. Once all of this is done and your water fountain is installed you should check the water levels regularly and ensure that it stays at the same level, if not you can get it checked up. Also get a professional or do it yourself but make sure that you clean the fountain and all the connecting pipes regularly to ensure that no algae and bacteria gather and slowly destroy all the pipes and the water fountain as well. There are perks to having a fountain provided you manage to maintain it. 

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